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Optimal Prime Time

Optimal Prime Time

Curated by Mia van den Bos and Ashleigh D’Antonio

Alex DeGaris, Madison Bycroft (NL), Alex Perisic, Grace Marlow, Isabella Mahoney (VIC) and Nerissa Kyle.

18 February – March 11 2017

Optimal Prime Time showcases the work of young South Australian born and raised artists who represent exciting developments and current tendencies in contemporary art within a global context. Accelerationism, affect and in-between-ness. A new materialism or a new sincerity? OOOey animism, expanding our existential boundaries within the network or new-gen painting in the expanded field. Curated by Ashleigh D’Antonio and Mia van den Bos, Optimal Prime Time establishes Sister’s vision to create a platform that is perceptive towards the distinctive issues and modes of expression of our time.

Optimal Prime Time – Mia van den Bos

Images by Christopher Arblaster.