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Greater Union

Greater Union

Marian Tubbs (NSW), Alex DeGaris (SA), Anna Gore (SA), Brigid Noone (SA), Theia Connell (TAS), Grace Marlow (SA), Mia Van den Bos (SA)

Curated by Mia van den Bos and Grace Marlow

3 November – 10 November 2017

Greater Union interrogates the shared foundation of artist-run initiatives—collaboration. These spaces rely heavily on the energy of a group of people who are actively seeking to contribute to the shape of the arts environment. In Greater Union, the artists explore collaborative art making practices to reimagine the disused Cinema One and bring out its potential for heightening collaborative reflection. Having mentor-based collaboration in its founding ethos places Sister in a meaningful position to consider the significance of collaboration as an organisational, curatorial, and artistic process. Members of the Sister team, together with local and interstate artists, will navigate the role collaboration plays in their varying positions as arts workers and practitioners.

Installation images by Llewellyn Millhouse